The law firm provides an advisory service.

Advice only makes sense when it serves a purpose and is able to find the best possible solution to your situation. Our mission is not to create a “paper” or “study” for you, but to actually offer you truly helpful advice.

We didn´t choose this approach just because it’s good for you, but also because it brings us joy. We think that unnecessarily complicated and expensive solutions can´t bring satisfaction even to those who are paid for it. For this reason our advice to you may in fact involve a recommendation not to do something or simply to do it differently. We believe that this positive approach can bring the best results and satisfaction for both parties.

Our law firm has the facilities to handle any type of the legal case whether it is a long term project with increased administrative demands or a short-term solution with multi-member team participation.

We provide services in all areas of law, including civil, commercial, criminal and administrative law.

In addition to this, we provide our legal services in several languages: Czech, Slovak, English, French, German, Polish, and Romanian.

Why work with us?

  • High quality services
  • Respect of your real needs and demands
  • The capacity to offer project work as well as partial work
  • Legal services in several languages