Our team

The rapidly changing environment is placing ever greater demands on the supply of legal services. Individual circumstances should be viewed in a broader context. Our solution is based on a comprehensive legal awareness that we build beyond the framework of our specialisation. We do not live in a "bubble" and are fully aware of the fact that every case comprises many overlapping disciplines.

Originality, innovation, insight, a wide range of skills, experience and a will to achieve results – these are our basic parameters and the demands we place on our team members.

We are an association of self-employed professionals who honour the same professional values and moral principles. Each of us will take care of your affairs with care, passion and the joy of work.

Who are we

Kateřina Pščolková

Kateřina Pščolková
Real estate law, civil law, commercial law

During her professional practice she has fulfilled a range of agenda in the area of private law. She has participated and has coordinated acquisition projects, real estate projects and has also shielded the overall provision of legal services to clients in difficult business situations.

Kateřina normally operates in the area of civil law, real estate law and litigation. She often defends her clients in family and labour legal disputes.

Kateřina is a capable lawyer who always finds the heart of the matter and doesn´t let anyone surprise her during her job. She has garnered wide-ranging court experience in civil judicial proceedings.

She also provides legal services in English.

Radovan Hrubý

Radovan Hrubý
Negotiation, strategy, business cases, competition law, distribution rights, general cases

During his course of running his current practice, Radovan has familiarised himself with diverse business environments which has given him a very detailed picture of the functioning of business at the regional and international level. He helps his clients with common aspects of their activities to help them achieve their goals.

Radovan also works as a General Counsel in an international group, where he is responsible for identification and handling of complex legal matters arising from all activities of the group including provision of legal advice to senior management. He conducts his duties as an attorney.

Radovan provides his clients with innovative and original advice helping to significantly simplify the solution for their problems; something which Radovan derives satisfaction from. . His advice often involves a cross-cutting solution in several areas of law.

Radovan provides legal services in English and French.